Style Files: The Soft Vintage Look of Edisen

Edisen Wedding Style[clockwise from top: Fashioned dotted blusher / Constellation bobbies / Promulgation banner / Blanched Blossoms Clutch]

When I first came across the perfectly curated Edisen line of wedding garb and accessories, I had a full-on swoon moment. The kind where your breath catches in your throat and you get butterflies. Where, oh where, had Edisen been when I was planning my own wedding? Everything about the Edisen look is soft, feminine and vintage inspired. The lace, the beading and the hints of soft sparkle all create this ethereal vibe. To top it all off, all of these pieces are crazy affordable.

Edisen Wedding Style[clockwise from top: Heirloom lace ring plate / Divine devotion dress / Fanciful silk sash / Netted bow bobbies / Margarite halo]

The Edisen shop mixes vintage items with new pieces that have the vintage vibe of yesteryear. Wouldn’t the “Divine Devotion” dress pictured above be the sweetest dress for an elopement or courthouse wedding? The whole collection is a nod to muted tones, whimsical touches and the kind of heirloom feel that gets me every single time. What can I say? I’m such a sucker for anything that looks it could’ve been plucked from my grandmother’s own collection of beloved pretties.

xoxo, Elizabeth


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  • Paulabjork

    Great lines on that  dress.  Love the muted tones. Thanks for sharing.