Elizabeth Ulrich-Fanguy founded Stockroom Vintage, Nashville’s first vintage rental company to focus solely on renting and styling, in February 2012 with one simple idea: Awesome vintage pieces should be shared, not hoarded or hidden away in your grandmother’s attic.

The problem? Achieving a cool, vintage look for your next event or photo shoot takes tons of time and work. That’s time you could be spending on other things like, you know, planning a wedding or enjoying the event itself.

Enter Stockroom Vintage. We’ve scoured estate sales, thrift stores and flea markets from coast to coast and sourced products near and far (including many a grandmother’s attic) to curate a collection of unique vintage pieces that are sure to melt your vintage-loving hearts. In fact, we’re busting at the seams with furniture, props and details large and small—not to mention our one-of-a-kind custom and handmade goods—to help you nail that coveted, blog-worthy vintage vibe.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, styling a fashion shoot or setting up a killer backyard bash, we’re here to infuse your day with vintage wonderment. And thanks to our insatiable vintage obsession, our collection is always growing, usually by the day.

When it comes to your styling needs, we’re all about getting it right. We know each prop intimately. We’ve refinished, scrubbed and restored each piece with our own hands. Unlike other options around town, renting, styling and curating this collection is all we do, which means we can give each client super-specialized attention. Have your heart set on a piece we don’t have? We offer services to track it down for you, vintage sleuth style.

Did we mention we love to load up the truck and hit the open road? We deliver our pieces in the Nashville area, but we’re always up for a road trip. So whether you live in Nashville or not, give us a call. We’re always happy to chat about your vision. Sharing our collection of wonderment with new friends and kindred vintage spirits is why we’re here.

About Elizabeth

The daughter of a woodworking father and a sewing, thrift-shopping mother, Elizabeth Ulrich-Fanguy loved all things rusty, handcrafted and repurposed from a young age. She undoubtedly inherited her father’s love of worn wood and well-crafted furniture and her mother’s inability to pass up a garage sale. That whole “make do and mend” mantra? Yeah, that’s how she was raised—and she has the hand-sewn high school dance dresses to prove it.

As she grew up and went on to a career as a writer and editor, Elizabeth became an avid thrifter and vintage seeker, filling up every postage-stamp-sized apartment she rented with more and more one-of-a-kind goodies. Then she met Will, the first guy ever to not complain about lugging around her loot as they moved from Brooklyn to Portland, Oregon and back to Nashville. That’s how she knew he was a keeper.

When Elizabeth was planning her wedding with Will, she knew the event had to reflect her vintage style. So, after scouring her Nashville home and repurposing all she could, she visited her usual vintage haunts to find the rest of her dream pieces. Then it hit her: Finding the perfect vintage wares for your wedding is a ridiculous amount of work, not to mention a good way to blow your budget.

That realization changed everything. Elizabeth always wanted to do more with her love of antique pieces. She wanted to wake up every day and live vintage—dream about it, shop for it, refinish it to its former glory. Thanks to the encouragement of her husband and family, who assured Elizabeth her idea wasn’t so crazy after all, she launched Stockroom Vintage. Now she’s absolutely giddy to be living her dream and sharing her favorite finds with you.