Pin Me: Pretty Washi Tape Ideas

Washi Tape Inspiration from PinterestAre you as obsessed with Washi tape as I am? The endless colors, patterns and varieties of this Japanese paper tape (which is a lot like masking tape…only way more rad) make it super versatile for crafting and spiffing up any number of ho-hum household objects. Not to mention, a roll of Washi tape is typically crazy cheap, which makes it ideal for personalizing party decor on a budget.

As I’m wont to do, I took to Pinterest to see what Washi tape inspiration I could unearth. That top look from Leslie at A Creative Mint is my ultimate favorite of the bunch. Take some white spray painted jars, add some Washi tape, scrap paper and sprigs from the garden and your tabletops are set. And how pretty is that Washi packaging from Prunella Soap on Etsy? When I first spied the photo, I thought those were candy wrappers. Now I can’t stop daydreaming about spiffing up plain saltwater taffy wrappers or the like with Washi tape for party favors. See? Endless possibilities.

For more DIY party inspiration, follow Stockroom Vintage on Pinterest. I’m always looking for more Pinterest pals!

xoxo, Elizabeth

[photos via: 1. A Creative Mint (pinned by me) / 2. Washi Tape Favor Boxes by Martha Stewart Weddings (pinned by Lynne at Papermash) / 3. Washi Tape Bamboo Cutlery via Griottes (pinned by Lynne at Papermash) / 4. Masking Tape Work by rednmercedes on flickr (pinned by me) / 5. Organic Vegan Soap by Prunella Soap (pinned by me)]


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  • willfanguy

    I like them all, but the silverware is my favorite. Not just because I like to eat, either.

  • Paulabjork

    Very cool idea-washi tape.  Love those clear bottles with the washi tape.  What a great way to recycle and reuse.